Who’s There?

What is KNOKNOK?

Knoknok is a single unified creator platform designed for models by models. It was created to disrupt the industry, empower the models to create content in a safe and secure space. Each model provides tiered subscriptions providing access to (depending on the models preferences)
-Intimate encounters
-videos, images and photographs from mild to wild
-End-to-end encrypted messaging
-Full HD streaming
-E-commerce store where the models sell ANYTHING they desire

Further, we provide free services to help the models with taxes so there are no surprise visits from the government!

What are the costs?

The platform is still in beta testing and costs are being calculated. They will be based on how much data the models has uploaded and how many people are accessing it. That way we only make money if the models are making money. Perhaps more importantly, we will never take the models tips or any such gratuities; these are all theirs!

How do I make money?

Anyway you like! From selling subscriptions to your Knoknok site, purchases made on you personalized store, streaming, messaging and more. We want to ensure the models have the tools they need to make money! Unlike other sites, we take less and give you more.

Who owns my content?

The models! We securely store you data for as long as you are a member. If you want to leave, we support that to. You will have 30 days to download any of your content you wish to keep, after that, we delete it from our servers completely. Most importantly… WE WILL NEVER SELL OR RESELL YOUR DATA! EVER!

Why sign up?

If you are a content creator looking for a platform that not only gives the models the power to control their content, their bodies and their time, but pays out more than any other platform, KNOKNOK is for you. Sign up now to become a beta advisor and ensure your voice is heard!

What are the accepted payments?

Most payment platforms such as Paypal are selective about the types of transactions they facilitate. Many models have lost hundreds and even thousands of dollars with no recourse. Furthermore, content platforms like OnlyFans are notorious for removing accounts and keeping the money attached to them. KNOKNOK uses a secure encrypted payment gateway provided by Moneris. This allows for funds to be directly transferred to a models bank account, or prepaid Credit Card.

How many accounts can I have?

On other platforms Models often have multiple accounts in order to reach different clientele. You only need one KNOKNOK account. You can create aliases that target different demographics and geographical locations.

When will the app be available?

Currently the platform exists as a web site. The main goal however is to provide a mobile app that compliments the website. The more betaq advisors that sign up the faster we can launch! So sign up NOW!

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